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Masonry Repairs & Rebuilds

Including repairing & rebuilding masonry chimneys, outdoor fireplaces and fire pits

When rain water is absorbed into the stone or bricks, or when it collects on the small bed joints of the masonry chimney, it will freeze and thaw in a repeating and systematic way and destroy the integrity of the chimney. All masonry chimney construction materials will suffer accelerated deterioration as a result of prolonged contact with water.  Water in the chimney also causes rust in steel, sheet metal, and cast iron, weakening or destroying the metal.

Water penetration can cause interior and exterior damage to your home and masonry chimney including:

  • Rotting wood and ruined drywall

  • Deteriorated metal or masonry fireboxes

  • Water stained walls and ceiling

  • Debris falling into clean out area

  • Stained chimney pipe or bricks

  • Rusted damper and poor operation

  • Decayed exterior mortar

  • Cracked and deteriorated flue liner

  • Leaning chimney structure

  • Chimney settles due to water eroding foundation

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