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Gas Log Installs

The perfect gas log fireplace is beautiful, practical, easy to operate and low-maintenance.

Gas log fireplace sets are a great option if you are looking for convenience. There are several options available. At Chimney Guy Dallas we offer both vent-free and vented  traditional gas logs as well as modern alternatives fire-glass and more.


Modern alternatives like custom spheres, stones and geometrical shapes.

Contemporary Burners with glass. There are several color, size and shapes of decorative glass to pick from. 

Vented Gas Logs can give you the look and feel of a real woodturning fireplace without any of the upkeep or mess. Vented gas logs produce lots of light and heat just like a woodturning fireplace. 


Vent-free gas logs are convenient and beautiful. The give off no smell and are the perfect option for customers without a chimney. 

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